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Our TLBC Values

Integrity     Compassion     Growth


Our Mission

The Language and Behavior Center is committed to providing exceptional services to clients while also fostering a unique company culture that is supportive of employees and encourages continuous growth and development. We strive to live by our company values of integrity, compassion, and growth.

Our Values

Staying true to our values. Following through with our commitment. Being honest and transparent with clients and staff 

Caring about the wellbeing of everyone at TLBC and providing compassionate care to the families we work with.

Growing personal and professionally. Regularly seeking out best-practice resources and continuing education opportunities

Issues that Define Us


The Language and Behavior Center is dedicated to anti-ableism in our organization by 

ensuring our clinical practices do not perpetuate ableist perspectives.  This begins with evaluating client assent and collaborating with clients during the assessment process to the extent that they are able to participate. Our commitment to anti-ableist practices continues through the development of individualized goals that focus on the autonomy of the client. It further extends to our use of natural environment teaching and compassionate services. Finally, it includes barring the use of escape extinction and compliance training that includes physical prompting. We recognize that anti-ableism must include ongoing conversations with the autistic community and are committed to constantly bettering our organization to best serve our clients.

Racial Justice

Racism is woven into the fabric of our communities and it is our responsibility to identify 

its sources, discuss its damage, and commit to its dismantlement.


As an anti-racist organization, The Language and Behavior Center is committed to providing a safe space for dismantling white supremacist culture in our professional and clinical environments. 


We acknowledge the existence of racial disparities in care in the autistic community and recognize that we must play a part to create equity in the communities we serve. This extends to ensuring our clinical practices are sensitive to the individual cultural differences of our clients. 


We acknowledge the existence of racial disparities and discrimination in the workplace and are resolved to identify, discuss, and challenge these inequalities immediately. We are committed to inclusivity and equity in our recruiting, hiring, and promotion processes to ensure our leadership team reflects the community we serve. 


The Language and Behavior Center publicly affirms its identify as an anti-racist organization and vows to continue the ongoing work to dismantle racism within our company and our community. 


  • Anti-racist training day for new hires.

    • Purpose: To affirm our stance as an anti-racist organization and discuss what that means in the context of their job. 

  • Zero-tolerance policy for Employee Handbook

    • Purpose: To outline our stance on racism and discrimination between staff, clients, and other professionals we encounter. 

  • Update staff interactions policy

    • Purpose: To include discriminatory statements and actions on the part of clients (not just parents).

  • Treatment Plan Review

    • Purpose: To ensure all treatment plans are individualized to the needs of the client and account for cultural differences when developing goals.

  • Outline growth paths for RBTs on a quarterly basis

    • Purpose: To provide equal access to information regarding career growth at TLBC rather than only providing information to those that ask.

  • Prioritize parent training

    • Purpose: To ensure families have equal access to information regarding the therapy services their child is receiving as well as to better understand the needs of each individual family and client.

  • Donating to community organizations on an ongoing basis

    • Purpose: To contribute to bettering the community we serve.

  • Revamping our hiring process

    • Purpose: To acknowledge the requirement of a Bachelor’s degree for our RBTs may create a discriminatory barrier to some otherwise qualified applicants

Action Items

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