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The Invaluable Asset of Being a Parent in the ABA Field

TLBC seems to be in the midst of a baby boom and it has us thinking about how lucky we are to have so many parents working with TLBC. There are so many companies that seem to panic when a woman announces her pregnancy. They immediately think of the doctor's appointments, sick days, and other additional responsibilities their employee will have as a parent. At TLBC, we feel that parenting is a huge asset. This is reflected in the number of parents we have working at all levels of TLBC, as well as in our comprehensive benefits to support parents. In this post, we explore the invaluable qualities that parenthood brings to the ABA profession and how it enhances a BCBA's abilities.

1. Empathy and Understanding: Parenthood is a journey that immerses individuals in the world of nurturing, compassion, and empathy. As parents, BCBAs and RBTs can draw from their personal experiences to better understand the challenges faced by the families they serve. This empathetic perspective allows them to approach each case with a deeper level of understanding, leading to more tailored and compassionate interventions.

2. Multitasking and Time Management: Being a parent requires mastering the art of multitasking and efficient time management. These skills seamlessly translate into the world of ABA, where BCBAs often juggle multiple cases, supervise teams, conduct assessments, and design behavior plans. Parents bring a natural ability to balance various responsibilities, ensuring the smooth functioning of an ABA company.

3. Advocacy and Collaboration: Advocating for one's child is an essential aspect of parenthood. A parent who becomes a BCBA brings this advocacy spirit to the professional realm, advocating fiercely for the best interests of their clients. Moreover, as a parent, a BCBA fosters collaborative relationships with parents, recognizing the significance of involving families in the treatment process.

4. Flexibility and Adaptability: Parenting constantly presents unforeseen challenges, requiring individuals to be flexible and adaptable in their approach. This valuable trait becomes a cornerstone of a BCBA's skill set, as they navigate the ever-changing nature of the job, adjusting interventions based on individual progress and new data.

5. Patience and Perseverance: Parenthood is a journey that demands immense patience and perseverance. These virtues empower BCBAs and RBTs to remain steadfast in their pursuit of positive outcomes for their clients. They understand that progress may take time, and setbacks are opportunities for learning and growth.

6. Observational Skills: Parents become adept at keenly observing their child's behaviors and needs. This sharp observational ability carries over to the ABA setting, allowing clinicians to identify patterns, antecedents, and consequences that influence behavior effectively.

7. Bridging the Gap with Families: Being a parent and an ABA clinician bridges the gap between professional expertise and the lived experiences of families. It helps in building trust and rapport, as parents often feel more at ease discussing their concerns and challenges with someone who can relate to their journey.

Incorporating the experience of being a parent into the ABA field is an incredible asset to any company. When a candidate shares that they have children, this can be considered an entire skillset that other applicants may not have. The qualities of empathy, multitasking, advocacy, flexibility, patience, observation, and family-centric approach are instrumental in driving meaningful and lasting behavior change.

At TLBC, we stand behind this with our Paid Family Leave policies, comprehensive health benefits, paid time off, health & wellness support, retirement savings, and flexible schedules. By recognizing and celebrating this unique asset, TLBC continues to make a profound difference in the lives of individuals with developmental needs. We are so grateful for the parents that choose to work with us!

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